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Tyrin Tyson, BSN, RN 

Real Estate Financial Planner


A native of Baltimore, Maryland, Tyrin Tyson is an experienced professional—registered nurse, licensed financial advisor, and real estate investor.

With 12 years of dedicated experience in healthcare, Tyrin's journey began as a facilities housekeeper, progressing through roles as a certified nursing assistant before achieving the status of a registered nurse. His clinical proficiency spans various specialties, from emergency medicine to critical care, with a specialization in vascular access.

Best known for his brand, "TheUrbanNurse," Tyrin shares his nursing perspective and experiences from the raw viewpoint of a black male. TheUrbanNurse's mission is to motivate healthcare professionals to break free from the toxic culture, social biases, and the high-stress atmosphere of the healthcare system.

Expanding beyond the clinical setting, Tyrin has transitioned into the role of a financial planner for healthcare professionals seeking to build wealth beyond the confines of healthcare. His passion for financial literacy and wealth development is channeled through real estate investing and entrepreneurship. Through the creation of Opulent Ascension Wealth Management , Tyrin's vision is to guide healthcare professionals in seamlessly transitioning from the bedside to real estate, creating a clear pathway to financial independence.

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