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Ebony Thyme, FNP-C

Creator of the NP Freedom Formula Course


Ebony Thyme is a highly experienced board-certified family medicine nurse practitioner with a strong background in critical care, med-surg, and family medicine. With over 10 years of combined nursing experience, Ebony is dedicated to providing high-quality healthcare to her patients. Beyond her medical expertise, Ebony is also a passionate traveler who has explored over 30 countries solo. Combining her love for travel with her profession, she embarked on a unique journey as a traveling nurse practitioner, also known as a Locum Tenen provider. This allowed her to immerse herself in different healthcare environments while experiencing diverse cultures around the world. Recognizing the importance of work-life balance for healthcare professionals, Ebony is committed to empowering her peers to achieve a fulfilling and flexible lifestyle through independent contracting. As an independent contractor herself, she understands the benefits and challenges of this career choice. Ebony has been featured in prestigious publications such as Forbes, Business Insider, Good Morning America, Yahoo, The Washington Post, Travel Noire, and Essence for her innovative approach in integrating a lifestyle that combines travel and medicine. She highlights this through her social media platforms @frontpage_eb for avid travelers & @ebbthenp for Nurse Practitioners seeking the Locums route. Drawing from her extensive experience and success, Ebony has developed the NP Freedom Formula, a comprehensive course that has already helped over 450 healthcare professionals transition into independent contracting and establish valuable business-to-business relationships within the healthcare industry. Through her course, Ebony provides practical guidance and strategies to navigate the complexities of the healthcare profession and build a thriving independent practice. With Ebony's expertise, healthcare professionals can unlock the freedom to choose where and when they work, while still delivering exceptional care to their patients. Ebony is dedicated to transforming the lives of healthcare professionals and empowering them to achieve a rewarding work-life balance.


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