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Irnise Williams

The Law Offices of Irnise F. Williams


Irnise has taken her seasoned 13 years of nursing from multiple specialties and combined it with 7 years of experience as an attorney to bridge the gap between healthcare and law.

While working as a nurse, Irnise went to school to obtain her law degree, started a family, and lost focus of her dreams while trying to merge both career titles into one. She waited so long to try to find the right opportunity that she took matters into her own hand and created her own opportunity.

Irnise reviewed her past efforts by evaluating her first law practice launch to find clarity in her purpose which led to a brand relaunch under Your Nurse Lawyer that set out to bridge the gap between the intersection of health and the law. This wildly narrow niche really encompasses the education, empowerment, and elevation of being both a nurse and a lawyer.

Essentially, Irnise educate healthcare workers on how to protect their license and mitigate risks. She works with organizations who are looking to create transformational change that does not disrupt their workflow and employee satisfaction. Additionally, she work with businesses that are struggling to turn a profit. Irnise is helping business owners restructure their business from the foundation by helping them go from struggle to stride.


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