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Tauqilla Manning,BSN,RN

Founder & CEO


Designing her services on a foundation of integrity, Tauqilla is a renowned Nursing Leader who possesses both the passion and fundamental skills necessary to support patients on achieving advanced clinical outcomes. She features an extensive 18 year nursing background with the last 10 years involving travel and interim leadership assignments, and enjoys every moment of delivering top-quality patient support, team unification, and nurse diversity awareness that help accentuate the entire healthcare industry experience.

Tauqilla has built a strong inventory of experiences that have led to her present leadership standing as a nurse. Initially, starting her journey as a CNA, Tauqilla earned her LPN diploma from Panola College in Carthage, TX, an Associate’s Degree in Nursing from Tyler Junior College, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing from the University of Texas in Arlington. Since then, Tauqilla has not only become a RN in several states with a reputation for mentoring future nurse leaders, but also gained several C-level positions within the healthcare field over the last near two decades.

With that as her base, Tauqilla recently completed her role as the Director of Nursing Operations for a COVID-19 Alternative Care Site in Maryland, a Lead Clinical Advisor for a COVID testing site, and currently focuses on her role as the Founder and CEO of the Black Nurses Week movement, which was built to deliver the Black nursing community the honorable awareness and recognition they deserve. In addition, Tauqilla’s longstanding dedications have not gone unnoticed, as she has gained several illustrious recognitions thus far. The more recent ones include being recognized as the ‘Powerhouse’ for her service during the COVID pandemic and earning the ‘Excellence Award’ presented by the Maryland Army National Guard for her statewide accomplishments. 

Tauqilla takes pride in supporting others in achieving the quality-rich lives they deserve and doing so all while ensuring they have the most cordial and mutually respected experiences along the way. Tauqilla continuously strives to raise the standard's bar for her patients, the nursing community, and the healthcare industry as a whole.


Join Tauqilla Manning at the 3rd annual Black Nurses Week Conference