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Marsha Battee

Founder & COO


From creating short films, teaching middle school, and backpacking through parts of Europe and Asia for 7 months to coaching nurses to start their own businesses, earning a full stack website development certificate, and trekking the volcanic summit of Mount Batur in Bali, Marsha has built an impressive personal and professional resume-- with a vast and varied life story-- designing her lifestyle to suit her passions, creating unique experiences, and pursuing the freedom of time.

When presented with the idea of building impactful programming and an iconic event geared towards Black nursing professionals, Marsha was immediately on board. 

Her knack for event planning as a program manager at UCLA found Marsha wrangling large-scale in-person conferences with hundreds of attendees, managing dozens of speakers, securing sponsorships and vendors, and negotiating six-figure venue contracts. Her savviness for hosting virtual events led her to developing and hosting the first-of-its-kind Nurse to Entrepreneur Live Virtual Summit, a 2-day event where nine nurse entrepreneurs shared their strategies on building successful 6- and 7- figure businesses online.

Marsha tapped into all of those experiences, and more, to bring her skill and expertise in executing everything it takes to create successful, purpose-driven programming with the Black Nurses Week Conference.

Prior to her work with Black Nurses Week and ever in search of new and creative ways to uplift and empower her fellow nurses, Marsha began her entrepreneurial journey with The Bossy Nurse blog, writing on nurse entrepreneurship, career strategies, traveling abroad, selfcare, and lifestyle design. 

Within that time, Marsha quit her job and started a boutique travel firm where she created premium travel packages and toured private clients around some of her favorite places in Greece & Turkey-- blogging about it along the way. And once her followers began asking for help on how to pursue their own passions after her globetrotting adventures, now 18 countries and counting, Marsha’s coaching practice was born.

Soon afterwards, Marsha went on to create The RN Podcast series, earning the iTunes “New & Noteworthy” designation; was a health writer at; and spoke for the Art of Nursing 2.0 virtual conference, Project Getaway in Bali, and at her own 3-day nurse entrepreneur event, Wealth & Wellness LIVE in Atlanta, Georgia.

As a Georgetown University-educated registered nurse, Marsha has also served others in a variety of nursing specialties and roles. From running a single-nurse health unit at the Department of Justice in Washington, DC to developing and implementing clinical educational initiatives and policies in over 50 primary and specialty care clinical sites across Northern and Central New Mexico, Marsha credits her drive, intuitiveness, and fortitude to her foundation in healthcare.

More recently, as Nurse Lead, Marsha helped opened the first monoclonal antibody regional center providing both treatment for COVID-19 and post-exposure prophylaxis to patients in San Diego County, leaping into the nitty gritty work of developing end-to-end workflows, policies and processes for patient care, and onboarding and training all new hires. Also in California, Marsha had the opportunity to work an ER crisis assignment, caring for the pandemic’s most vulnerable populations.

Before those roles, Marsha became a COVID-19 nurse trainer on the Department of Health Rapid Response Team in Washington, DC using her natural teaching talent to train fellow frontline workers on testing processes and protocols in nursing homes, assisted living, and memory care facilities. Afterwards, she transitioned to providing critical training and supervision for healthcare workers and security staff in daily COVID-19 screenings for all individuals entering select District of Columbia Public Schools.

Marsha has a unique nursing career, where her work is notable across several other areas, including burn, ED/trauma, forensics (sexual, domestic, and other intentional violence), eating disorders, corrections, and the Indian Health Service. 

And combining her nursing work with her love for the creative process, eclectic life experiences, appreciation for constant change, and entrepreneurial spirit, Marsha is on a mission to transform the lives of as many nurses as possible by helping them tap into their own talents and expertise to create transformational experiences not only for themselves, but for others as well.


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